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OK I can't wait any longer....we have been so good that Santa gave us an early Christmas present! Now before I show you what it is very important that if you are interested in a woman's jersey that you please buy one of the extras from Kent Morrison. There are a couple of women's jerseys in stock at Kent's right now.


So now for our Christmas present....the ACE online store is now OPEN! Yes you can order an ACE jersey, bibs, and even a t-shirt right now. Order now for a January delivery to your home!

Starlight Custom Apparel has been amazing to work with and have a special order window open for us until December 20! Yes you can order that special Christmas gift right now and get delivery in January. Remember, you must order before December 20! Starlight is in control of the process, so we no longer do any administrative work on our end.

I hope you can order that especially good cyclist on your list something from our store TODAY! Merry Christmas!!!

Time to Ride!

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