Treasure's report for Dec 2014



Treasurer’s Report from Dec 1 to Dec31 2014






ACE account                                       3 deposits totaling $276.00                   Starting Balance of $6237.16


                                                        4 checks cleared for $2333.50                    Ending Balance of $4179.66


SMBT account                                   2 deposits for $2000.00                                  Starting Balance $101.98


                                                     1 withdrawal for $1000.00                            Ending Balance of $1101.98


HVR TT  account                                 0 deposits totaling $0.00                        Starting Balance of $2931.70                                                       

                                                         0 checks cleared for $0.00

                                                        Inactive Service Charge $0.00                    Ending Balance $2931.70

*Since HFSL and Town Square are now merged, we no longer gain interest on our accounts.


** According to HFSL notice, “A $5.00 fee per month will be charged after 6 months of inactivity on any account with a balance of $500.00 or less”

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