Riding with ACE

One of the main benefits of joining ACE is participating in our club rides. Riding in a group on established cycling routes is more fun and safer than riding on your own. Please join us on these regular rides. There are rides for all levels of cyclists.


Rides are categorized in the following manner.

A - Advanced rides where the speed or elevation gain require experienced riders in excellent cycling condition. Speeds may average 17-22 m.p.h. and elevation gains can be 2,000 to 6,000 feet with mileages ranging from 40-100 miles.

B - Intermediate rides where the speed averages 15-17 m.p.h. and elevation gains are 500-3,000 feet. Mileages range from 25-70 miles.

C - Beginner or possibly a recovery ride for an advanced rider. Speeds average 12-16 m.p.h. with little elevation change. Mileages of 10-30 miles.

T - Training rides are specifically designed to achieve a training goal i.e. Iron Man, triathlon, Gran Fondo New York race. You should be very familiar with the training expectations for each ride before joining. These rides will not regroup or provide for sweeping of the route if you cannot stay with the group. You are expected to be able to keep up with the training group. These rides are to be challenging and will likely focus on fast tempo or numerous climbs or a combination of both. We welcome you to join, but wanted you to know the expectations of each ride.

Social rides are just what you would expect. Fun for everyone at a casual pace and just enough distance to get you where you are going.

The best way to stay up-to-date on ACE rides is to join our Facebook group. Spontaneous and scheduled rides are posted on the Facebook page regularly. Here is a map of commonly-used starting points for rides.

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